Interactive Brokers wiki – complete guide

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying stocks, ETFs and other instruments through Interactive Brokers? In this article you will find a comprehensive review of this broker. At the same time, in this article you can find instructions on how to open an account, how to close orders in Interactive Brokers, as well as how to activate settings that are useful even for Europeans

What is the biggest advantage of Interactive Brokers (IB)? That we, like Slovaks and Czechs, can open up to them.
In July 2021, there was a change in IB fees. Interactive Brokers canceled Activity Fee, which was a monthly fee of $ 10 per month. Today, Interactive Brokers is one of the most advantageous brokers that Europeans can open an account (purchase of a share or ETF usually up to 2 Euros per transaction)

In this article you will find a detailed review for Interactive Brokers also with instructions and sub-instructions for this broker.

Tip: This tutorial is longer and comprehensive. Sometimes you will want to return to it. Therefore, you can save and read it multiple times.

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Interactive content

  • Basic evaluation of Interactive Brokers
    • Who are interactive Brokers (IB) for?
    • Benefits of Interactive Brokers
    • Disadvantages of Interactive Brokers
    • Why don’t you see Interactive Brokers in ads and broker comparisons?
    • How Interactive Brokers and Lynx differ
    • Security and Warranties Interactive Brokers
  • Basics of account management in Interactive Brokers
    • Minimum deposit to open an account in IB
    • Interactive Brokers fees
    • Archive: What was Activity fee in IB
    • Currency conversion and subaccounts in IB
    • Dividend taxation at Interactive Brokers
    • Specialty IB – Smartrouting
    • Differences between Cash and Margin account in IB
    • Special IB – Stock Yield Enhancement Program
    • Interactive Brokers branch selection
    • Will corporate investments pay off through Interactive Brokers?
    • To open an IB account if I am a beginner with a small starting amount?
  • Tutorials for Interactive Brokers, Trading Explanation
    • Interactive Brokers account registration procedure
    • How to use the referral bonus in Interactive Brokers
    • First steps after logging in to your Interactive Brokers account
    • How to understand and enter a purchase order in IB
    • Determination and types of Order Type orders
    • What does Time In Force mean?
    • What does Outside RTH mean?
    • Take Profit and Stop Loss settings
    • Order Entry and Preview Function
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Currency change in IB
    • Change IB fees from Fixed to Tiered
    • How to activate the purchase of fractional / fractional shares
    • What to do if you can’t trade stocks, bonds, options, ETFs
    • IB subaccount – how to create it
    • Export of transactions from IB for tax purposes
    • Login to IB via multiple devices
    • Referral bonus and other bonuses when opening an IB account
    • How to get answers to your special questions
    • Tips for more articles

Basic comparison of Interactive Brokers against the competition

From our point of view, Interactive Brokers has long been one of the best brokers for buying shares and ETFs, if the client wants to buy shares or ETFs for at least € 100 per trade. At the same time, it is suitable for people who want to trade Indices, Commodities, FOREX, options, investment certificates or other financial derivatives, with or without leverage. At the same time, this broker is also suitable for automated trading. 

From our point of view, most Slovaks today, when looking for a broker, choose a broker from the three XTB, Lynx and Interactive Brokers. 

Want to find out if a broker other than Interactive Brokers is better for you?

Soon we will add our great comparison of brokers. We compare Interactive Brokers, Lynx, XTB, Naga, Etoro, Degiro, Revolut and others. 

Who are Interactive Brokers (IB) for?

IB is suitable for anyone who knows English. In terms of transaction prices (purchase and sale of securities), Interactive Brokers is one of the low-cost and interesting brokers.

Interactive Brokers is a large international giant that has come to Slovakia, so most Slovak or smaller European companies cannot compete with it in terms of security or fees.

Benefits of IB in a nutshell

  • Interactive Brokers is one of the best known and most popular brokers in the world (It certainly belongs to the TOP 10 brokers in the world)
  • High broker security (IB is probably one of the safest brokers available for Slovaks)
  • Low transaction fees (Fee up to 2 Euros for the purchase of US shares)
  • Activity Fee 10 USD per month (from 6/2021)
  • Low currency change fees
  • Possibility to maintain investment sub-accounts in any currencies (EUR, USD, CZK, PLN, RUB…) free of charge
  • Possibility to buy most shares and ETFs practically all over the world, including the purchase of one share or ETF on several different world stock exchanges and thus buy them at a better price
  • One of the few brokers that will allow you to buy Czech, Polish, Russian, Chinese or Asian shares
  • IB has an advantageous taxation, advantageous also for Slovaks (Form W8-BEN is a matter of course, at the same time it appropriately solves the EU taxation of shares of various countries)
  • IB has its own API for automated trading
  • IB also allows you to trade other financial products such as bonds, options, contracts, Forex, other types of CFDs, etc.
  • IB allows you to trade without leverage (Cash account) and with leverage (Margin account)
  • IB is one of the few brokers whose services are also used by banks, funds or securities dealers.

Disadvantages of IB in a nutshell

  • English required (The entire IB system is in English, sometimes you will also need to contact English IB support, so an English-speaking person in the area is useful. At IB, you will meet either US Business Support or Indian Administrative Support).
  • IB has very low and long-term sustainable fees, but you can find even cheaper brokers for smaller transactions
  • Interactive Brokers is not for people looking for savings for 20 Euros per month. If you want to take advantage of lower IB fees, always buy for at least 100 Euros or for significantly higher amounts
  • The broker system is quite complicated and you will be happy to explain how to use this broker platform and how to trade on it (Complicity and opacity is a tax for the fact that the system contains almost all the options for a professional trader)
  • It does not offer any education in Slovak / Czech.
  • Therefore, IB is especially suitable for already slightly advanced and more creditworthy users

Why don’t you see Interactive Brokers in ads and broker comparisons?

How is it possible that we have never seen an advertisement for Interactive Brokers on Slovenská TV, have not seen an advertisement for it on the Internet and it is usually missing in comparisons of stock exchange brokers. You may be asking: Is Interactive Brokers safe at all when they don’t write about it?

Reasons why IB is not in comparison

  • Interactive Brokers has a very good brand and a large number of clients, so there is no need to gain clients through aggressive marketing and advertising.
  • At the same time, Interactive Brokers is interested in a different type of client, as it is mainly interested in acquiring more creditworthy clients and financial institutions. However, it does not receive these clients through regular Google ads. Regular ads on Google bring mainly regular and less creditworthy clients. Therefore, in SK / CZ you will find much more advertising on Lynx (which uses the Interactive Brokers system), because Lynx has higher fees and at the same time is more interested in regular SK / CZ clients.
  • Interactive Brokers offers lower commission referral commissions than competing Brokers. Therefore, a large number of portals do not recommend it and do not write about it, because they have minimal profit from it
  • Interactive Brokers is missing in SK / CZ broker comparisons usually because it is too cheap. However, the purpose of comparison articles is to choose a broker who will be advised by the portal to make that portal.

How Interactive Brokers is promoted

  • You can find it on portals with international broker comparisons, where it usually ends in the Top 5 or Top 10 best brokers
  • You will find paid ads on IB much more often in the US, where IB targets its marketing more and has more clients.
  • The Interactive Brokers brand is often spread on the recommendation of more experienced investors, so you will often learn about IB from investment portals focused on stock trading and ETF funds.
  • The IB brand is also spreading thanks to the mutual recommendations of the management of banks, insurance companies and securities dealers, this management is usually not easily targeted by paid advertisements, and this management rarely meets regular clients.

How Interactive Brokers and Lynx differ

The Interactive Brokers system is robust and allows, among other things, to “recolor your system” and provide it to other brokers under their own brand. Brokers who use most of the IB system are called Introducing Brokers. The most famous of these introducing brokers in Slovakia is Lynx. Therefore, the Lynx system includes an almost complete IB platform. 

If you register an account in Lynx

  • After logging in to your account, you will see the Lynx logo instead of the Interactive Brokers logo.
  • your account will be created directly by Interactive Brokers, 
  • from Lynx you get approaches similar to if you were a direct IB client, 
  • your Lynx investment account deposits go to the IB account
  • your transactions will be technically executed by Interactive Brokers
  • your securities are also held and managed by Interactive Brokers

Fees – The biggest difference between Lynx and Interactive Brokers

  • Update: Interactive Brokers has canceled Activity Fee $ 10 per month. That’s why Interactive Brokers is cheaper than Lynx under any circumstances
  • Interactive Brokers fees: you usually pay up to USD 2 / EUR 2 for the purchase of shares and ETFs and usually up to EUR 2 for currency conversion.
  • Lynx fees : buying a US stock and ETF will cost you at least $ 5, buying an EU stock and ETF usually costs 6 Euros and a currency change usually $ 5

Other differences

  • Lynx also has a Lynx Basic platform. It is a simplified platform for Interactive Brokers suitable for beginners
  • Lynx has local Czech-Slovak support, while IB has only English support

When does Lynx pay off and when does Interactive Brokers

  • Lynx pays off especially for clients who do not know English and therefore will be very happy to appreciate the local Czech-Slovak support of Lynx. Therefore, they are willing to pay higher trading fees
  • Interactive Brokers is for everyone who knows English, so they do not need to contact the broker’s support in the Czech or Slovak language
  • Our BlueNumbers portal also works directly with Interactive Brokers. Therefore, we can provide you with paid support for Interactive Brokers, and also represent you in communication with Interactive Brokers (In practice, we create for BlueNumbers as an alternative to Lynx support, but already directly for Interactive Brokers)

Can I register Interactive Brokers if I have a Lynx?

First prerequisite for Interactive Brokers – Don’t have a Lynx account )

If you have a Lynx account, they may decline your account registration with Interactive Brokers. Lynx, as an IB broker, has set the conditions so that if you want to open an Interactive Brokers account, you can register it up to 6 months after canceling your Lynx account.

If you want to have both Lynx and Interactive Brokers account at the same time, I recommend:

  • If you have a wife and non-share co-ownership, close the account to the wife (This is a different person, even if the property has a common joint)
  • Try to register an IB account with a different registration email than you have in Lynx (You may be allowed to complete the registration and open an IB account)
  • Alternatively, consider registering an account with another person
  • If you do not know how to create an IB account according to the points above (not even repeatedly), you may want to either cancel your Lynx account or consider a trader other than Interactive Brokers.

If IB finds out that you also have a Lynx account, you may receive the following email:

Interactive brokers zakázanie obchodovania keď mám Lynx

Security and Warranties Interactive Brokers

We would divide the guarantees of this broker into three parts

  • Broker’s seat state guarantees
  • Broker guarantees as a Securities Dealer under supervision
  • Business and other broker guarantees

Interactive Brokers offers one of the highest security a broker can offer

Broker’s seat state guarantees

Interactive Brokers is regulated by the highest financial authorities of various states, such as

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • English UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK
  • He also has a permit for the free cross-border operation of a securities trader in the territory of the European Union countries. 

Interactive Brokers also has several securities trader licenses in the European Union, namely IBIR (IB Ireland), IBLU (IB Luxembourg) and IBCE (IB Central Europe in Hungary). In the event of an IB bankruptcy, you will receive state guarantees depending on which IB branch you will have an account with. Slovaks have either an IBIR (Ireland) or IBCE (Hungary) account

The guarantees in case of broker bankruptcy are

  • For UK clients £ 85,000 guaranteed by the English Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • For US clients $ 500,000 guaranteed by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • For European clients with an account in IBIR (Ireland) a guarantee of € 20,000, for IBCE (Hungary) a guarantee of € 100,000

Please note that Interactive Brokers is a very large international broker with a relatively low probability of going bankrupt (Described in the points below). If Interactive Brokers gets into trouble, it will probably be because many other banks and later states will be in trouble. In the event that the entire financial system falls and states have problems, clients are likely to have these guarantees only on paper. 

At the same time, although Hungary provides higher guarantees in the event of a broker’s bankruptcy and Hungary is considered a modern tax haven in the EU, this is our neighbor and you have probably seen that the political situation in Hungary can change unexpectedly quickly. 

Broker guarantees as a stockbroker

Did you know that already with the standard license of the Securities Dealer (OCP) for the Slovak OCP, the broker needs to have his own money separated from the clients’ money? Therefore, if a Slovak owns a bond, his security is deposited with a depositary (usually a bank) and the broker can buy, sell, hold and charge fees to the client, but he cannot appropriate his bond deposited with the depository.

Interactive Brokers takes this protection even further

  • It is supervised by several supervisory authorities in many countries
  • Therefore, these supervisory authorities ensure that the broker does not transfer clients’ money
  • The shares and other securities of IB’s clients are separated from Interactive Brokers’ own securities through a system of depositories; in the case of the ownership of US shares and US securities, these securities are subject to further enhanced protection.
  • At IB, client money is deposited in the accounts of several large US or other world banks protecting clients from the insolvency of one bank.

You can see the details here. The article concerns the UK branch of Interactive Brokers. A similar article is likely to be created for clients at IBIR and IBCE branches

Other types of guarantees Interactive Brokers

Business guarantees include, for example

  • The company has been operating since 1978
  • Traded on the US stock market, including NASDAQ and NYSE (Traded under the IBKR ticker). As a result, it must publish the company’s audited financial statements on a regular basis.
  • The company is worth $ 25 billion and is part of the S & P400 midcap index.
    • In practice, this means that the value of Interactive Brokers is greater than that of many banks and insurance companies, such as Unicredit Group ($ 21 billion), Reifeisen Group ($ 6.6 billion) or NN ($ 14.2 billion). USD)
  • Assets under management over $ 200 billion, opened more than 900,000 client accounts. To give you an idea of ​​how many 200 billion assets are under management (Numerally 200,000,000,000 USD or English 200 Billion)
    • Approximately 1/150 of the size of the entire S&P 500 index (the entire S&P500 is worth about $ 30 trillion)
    • About 1/10 of Apple or 1/8 of Microsoft
  • One of the largest brokers in the US (Probably one of the companies “Too Big To fail” and in case of problems the broker can be saved by the US government)
  • Interactive Brokers is one of the few global brokers in which banks, funds and other securities traders also invest.

Broker sustainability

  • If you invest through a broker, you will be happy to see how the broker’s sales and profitability develop. If the Broker’s Revenues are 100%, IB’s costs are around 60% and therefore IB can maintain a profitability of around 40%. Only a company that can make a profit can function and develop in the long run. 

If you are interested, I recommend you look at the Interactive Brokers stock on Google (Ticker IBKR) and also look at the IB brokers page for investors.

Interactive Brokers minimum deposit

Interactive Brokers offers two types of accounts – Cash and Margin

For Cash account:

  • Cash account is NOT an official minimum deposit . On the other hand, in IB we talk more about the minimum suitable deposit
  • With a Cash account, you have an automatic currency conversion . IB will transfer all the money to your chosen home currency, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP. The money will be changed by a very advantageous IB forex exchange rate, which is a currency change with almost no surcharge. You do not settle sub-accounts in different currencies in IB at that time.
  • Minimum suitable deposit in IB – initially at least 1000 USD / EUR and gradually buy (In short, if you have little money in IB, you have nothing to appreciate).
  • If you just want to try Interactive Brokers, you can also start with 500 USD / EUR and buy one or two shares or ETF funds
  • It is true that the more money you have in IB, the lower the fees you pay (you can read about the fees below)

For Margin account :

  • With this account, Interactive Brokers will allow you to trade leverage, even with borrowed money from IB. Therefore, this type of account has the minimum required balance
  • The minimum deposit (balance) for a Margin account is 2000 USD / EUR
  • If you have less in your account, it will not allow you to purchase leveraged positions or other financial assets.
  • Margin account has sub-accounts for each currency. Then you deal separately with the purchase of each asset in a currency other than the domestic currency
  • However, you can usually buy stocks, ETFs and securities only for your money in the account (without leverage), even if you have less money there.

Interactive Brokers fees

IB offers standard clients a choice between two types of transaction fee system – Tiered and Fixed commissions.

Fixed / Tiered Commissions

We recommend Tiered Commisions for most clients investing in smaller amounts, as they have a lower minimum transaction fee (each purchase / sale of a security). In practice, buying US shares for $ 1,000 costs about $ 1, buying EUR shares up to € 2.

GOLDEN TIP: set TIERED FEES in your Interactive Brokers account

Attention, Fixed fees are preset for new accounts. Therefore, we recommend that you change them to Tiered immediately after registering your account. You can also change the Fixed / Tiered fee scheme in the Interactive Brokers account settings.

Tiered commisions

  • the price of the transaction depends on the volume and number of shares
  • This type is suitable for most smaller investors
  • US stocks and ETFs
    • the fee is approximately 0.0035 for 1 share
    • minimum per transaction $ 0.35
    • maximum per transaction 1% of the transaction volume
  • European equities and ETFs (Traded in EUR)
    • transaction fee 0.05% per share or € 1.25 (whichever is higher)
  • Other European / world equities (Outside EUR and USD)
    • Transaction fee usually up to 0.1% or required minimum per transaction (whichever is higher)
  • Tiered fees are more advantageous for most regular clients
  • more at:

Fixed Commisions

  • the price of the transaction is characterized by a higher minimum fee, a higher fee calculated from the volume of the transaction (approximately 0.1% in volume) and the transaction also has its maximum fee (from 30 to 120 EUR)
  • This type of fee is suitable for big players
  • US stocks and ETFs for a minimum of 1 USD, at the same time 0.005 for 1 unit with a ceiling of 1% in the transaction volume
  • European stocks and ETFs in EUR – at least usually 4 to 6 EUR per transaction with the usual ceiling of 50 EUR per transaction
  • World stocks are calculated according to a similar key
  • Fixed fees are more advantageous only for very creditworthy clients and some companies that trade for several tens to hundreds of thousands of EUR
  • more at:

Currency conversion fees

When converting a currency, your fee consists of two parts

  • Currency change fee
  • Currency pair market rate mark-up (You buy more expensive and sell cheaper than the official exchange rate)

Cash vs. Currency Difference Difference Margin account

The cash account has an automatic currency conversion , where each purchase is automatically converted to your Forex exchange rate to your specified domestic currency (EUR, CZK, USD). The IB exchange rate is an almost no surcharge interbank exchange rate (you only pay a low spread fee). Therefore, even if you buy USD shares, you buy them for EUR, while you change the currency almost free of charge.

Margin account has separate sub-accounts for each currency . Therefore, in IB you pay a minimum currency conversion fee of 2 EUR + a smaller fee of the amount of money. In short, € 2 extra per transaction compared to the cash account. If you change more than € 200, the € 2 fee becomes negligible.

However, beware of the imbalance of your IB accounts, where in one currency you have a surplus of money, and in another you lack it, so you will pay a fee for borrowing money. E.g. you can have 2000 EUR in IB, you will buy shares for 2000 USD, you will forget to exchange money and you will be told that your USD balance will be -2000 USD. Then IB will charge an annual interest rate (fee, Margin) for borrowing this -2000 USD.

IB uses the FOREX currency change market and can secure advantageous exchange rates. With a change of approximately € 1,000, the currency change fee is around $ 2.5 for a Margin account and about $ 0.5 for a cash account.

Therefore, as an Interactive Brokers client, your total currency change fee is low, so you have no reason to deal with another change of money, for example using Revolut or Transferwise

For comparison, if you use the services of Slovak banks when changing EUR 1,000 to USD, according to their exchange rates, the surcharge for a currency change will range from 1.5% to 2.5%, so you will pay an average of around € 20 for a change of EUR 1,000.

If you want to buy American shares and you have a margin account, you can change a larger amount of Euros to Dollars at once and buy more American companies for them. Alternatively, to do the opposite, first buy USD shares and then settle the debt in USD by exchanging for EUR so that you are left with only a small uninvested balance in USD

Archive: What was the Activity Fee

The Activity Fee fee was like a $ 10 prepaid credit per month that you either used to pay transaction fees or you forfeited and deducted from your account. Activity Fee canceled from 1. 6. 2021.

There were also exceptions to Activity Fee, for example:

  • An account with a value of less than $ 2,000 pays Activity Fee $ 20 per month
  • An account with an account value between $ 2,000 and $ 100,000 pays Activity Fee $ 10 per month
  • An account with an account value over $ 100,000 does NOT pay an Activity Fee
  • People under the age of 25 had a reduced Activity Fee of $ 3 per month

What was the significance of Activity Fee for Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers decided that they did not want to have many small clients. Therefore, they decided to implement Activity Fee.

  • The goal of IB is to receive a monthly fee for each client
  • Therefore, they decided to introduce an Activity fee – they will charge each client a monthly fee of at least 10 USD (Except for some exceptions)

Benefits of Canceling an Activity Fee

  • Interactive Brokers can thus compete with the new competition – low-cost brokers such as Robinhood and others
  • At the same time, IB overcomes competition with its security and, as a large broker with an automated system, manages a large amount of money and clients. Therefore, even after the abolition of Activity Fee, this broker is profitable
  • Interactive Brokers thus becomes option no. 1 for people in SK, CZ or Europe

Disadvantages of canceling Activity Fee

  • Clients with small accounts also have the least knowledge and therefore call the Broker the most. Therefore, small clients are “expensive” because they pay a minimum of fees and significantly increase the cost of supporting the broker.
  • Interactive Brokers’ support for regular clients will deteriorate significantly, as IB refuses to invest in any loss in expanding support that clients have no choice but to pay.
  • For this reason, Interactive Brokers also promotes Fixed fees, and these fees are also pre-configured to give IB more of the common ignorant clients.
  • As BlueNumbers, we use the corporate and partner line for Interactive Brokers, so we can solve client problems significantly faster. Since Interactive Brokers does not pay us directly, BlueNumbers support for Interactive Brokers is paid by the client (similarly as you pay an accountant, tax advisor or other specialists).

IB specialty – Account for every currency and advantageous currency conversion

From our point of view, Interactive Brokers has a very good currency change system for both Cash and Margin accounts.

When registering with Interactive Brokers, you determine the basic currency of the account (usually Slovak for Euros, CZK for Czechs). 

If you only have Euros in your account, you can only buy shares, ETFs and other securities for Euros

If you want to buy stocks in another currency (for example, US or Czech stocks), you need to change your home currency for another. In the event of such a change, a sub-account for the given currency (Margin account) will be automatically created in IB or the money will be automatically exchanged for you at its Forex exchange rate (Cash account).

There is a difference between a Margin and a Cash account at Interactive Brokers

Margin account: Creating an IB sub-account for a new currency is automatic

You simply convert money from EUR to USD and an automatic sub-account in USD will be created for you automatically. You can buy US stocks and ETFs for your new USD. The same applies to CZK, PLN or any other currencies

Within the IB Margin account you can also have many sub-accounts with different currencies.

Cash account: IB uses automatic currency conversion

You choose the home currency (eg EUR or CZK). Then all your deposits will be added to your home currency. If you buy USD shares, IB will use automatic currency conversion and exchange your money at a favorable forex interbank exchange rate with almost no surcharge. Therefore, you do not handle sub-accounts with a cash account, but only an account in your home currency. It’s easier for beginners.

Is a currency change worthwhile at Interactive Brokers or elsewhere?

We recommend changing the currency directly in Interactive Brokers. Revolut or Transferwise systems will not pay you much (Save minimum). We certainly do not recommend changing the currency change in the bank, this method is the most expensive.

Tip for finding currency change fees:

You want to convert EUR to USD. Therefore, first change 1000 EUR to USD first, then change the same amount in USD back to Euros. Then you will find out in practice how much the transfer costs you.

Interactive Brokers has a fixed currency change fee of USD 2 at the margin of the margin, and the currency changes at the Forex exchange rate with almost no surcharge.

With a Cash account, you have an automatic currency change and a Forex exchange rate at almost no surcharge.

Comparison of currency conversion fees

  • Interactive Brokers
    • (Margin account) Change 1000 Eur to 1212 USD (+ 2 USD fixed fee)
    • Subsequent amendment 1212
    • USD to approx. 999.8 Eur (+ 2 USD fixed fee)
    • The cost of conversion there and back at 1000 Euros was 4 USD
    • (Cash account) Your fees will be up to $ 0.5
  • Wise (Old name Transferwise)
    • Change 1000 Eur to 1206 USD (fee from 5.14 Eur to 9.2 Eur)
    • Change 1206 USD to 985 EUR (fee from 3.7 to 5.8 USD)
    • The cost of conversion there and back at 1000 EUR was 15 EUR
  • Revolut
    • Change 1000 Eur to 1212 USD
    • Subsequently, change 1212 USD to about 999 Eur
    • The cost of conversion there and back at 1000 Euros is around 1 Euros
  • Standard bank
    • Change 1000 Eur to 1176 USD
    • Subsequently, change 1176 USD to about 946 Eur
    • The cost of conversion there and back in the amount of 1000 Euros is 54 Euros


I have € 10,000 in my IB account, I will buy the European ETF for € 6,000. I will change the remaining € 4,000 to USD. I can use these dollars in my account to buy US stocks and other securities in USD.

Currency conversion usually costs a little over $ 2.


  • Interactive Brokers has a convenient currency conversion and at the same time accounts from various currencies (also EUR, USD, CZK, PLN, HUF), so we recommend that you send your money of any currency to IB and do a currency conversion only in Interactive Brokers
  • You can deposit at IB as many times a month as you want and in any currency
  • You can also use Interactive Brokers as your own currency exchange
  • Care must be taken with the restrictions – only one withdrawal per month is allowed from IB free of charge

IB specialty – advantageous dividend taxation

You usually trade with brokers either

  • US stocks
  • European actions
  • Shares of the rest of the world

Each country has different tax laws. At the same time, many countries have cross-signed double taxation agreements. Altogether, there are tens to hundreds of exceptions. If a broker wants to offer a lower dividend tax, he must demonstrably distinguish which sub-account belongs to the citizen of which country. Compliance with these regulations costs money, so the broker often does not have the ability to ensure effective taxation of dividends and taxes them at a higher rate.

Many brokers will start taxing US stocks with only 15% tax instead of 30% through the W8-Ben form. This form only applies to US stocks.

Dividend tax hell in the European Union

EU countries are different. Each country has a different tax system. Therefore, if you want to buy Czech shares, you may not be surprised by the dividend tax rate for Czech shares is up to 35%, while the normal rate is 15%. It is similar with Polish, Hungarian or other EU events. Therefore, in some cases, due to better dividend taxation, you may be more advantageous to a local broker (For example, Czech shares through Fio. you can buy them up to EUR 2, but you will pay a rate of 35% of the dividend of Czech shares.

Conclusion: Interactive Brokers usually have a suitable dividend tax system for most of the world, so you often pay the lowest possible tax rate.

IB specialty – Smart Routing

Ordinary brokers usually offer shares and ETFs from only a few stock exchanges around the world. Interactive Brokers is different. It offers stocks from dozens and hundreds of different stock exchanges around the world. It often happens that the same stock is traded on several stock exchanges, even at different prices. Therefore, Interactive Brokers takes advantage of this and uses the Smart Routing system for equities and ETFs

Thanks to IB Smart Routing, you can buy stocks and ETFs on the cheapest stock exchange at the best price

TIP: IBIS is its own Interactive Brokers exchange, which fully supports SmartRouting

This is especially true for large technology companies, as they are traded on many stock exchanges around the world. For example, if you decide to buy Microsoft shares for USD, IB will look at which stock exchanges the stock is traded in USD and where it is cheapest. Therefore, to my surprise, I bought my first shares of Microsoft in USD via Iceland.

Therefore, if you buy shares in USD, for example, you can sell them on any other exchange in the same currency (ie in USD).

Beware, however, if you buy a stock traded in EUR, you can no longer sell it in USD or another currency.

Cash or Margin account in IB

When trading securities, you can use only your money, or you can also borrow foreign money. Therefore, IB has a cash or Margin basic account

Cash account

  • You only trade on it with your own funds
  • You can’t borrow money
  • You can’t even close a deal that you don’t have enough money for
  • Therefore, for the reasons above, you cannot accidentally reach your account with a value of zero
  • This account also has a disadvantage. Although you will purchase shares, ETFs and currency conversions immediately at the current exchange rate, it administratively takes up to 3 days for IB to fully process this transaction and you can sell these securities or use your money after currency conversion.
  • Cash account has automatic currency conversion. Thus, you maintain an account in the domestic currency (eg EUR or GBP), and when purchasing assets in another currency (eg shares in USD), it will automatically make a currency conversion to the FOREX exchange rate. This conversion is very advantageous (fee up to 0.05% per transaction), so automatic conversion is advantageous for beginners.
  • Cash account does NOT require a minimum deposit
  • For the reasons above, we recommend the Cash Account for beginning investors and for investors using the Buy & Hold strategy .

Margin account

  • It allows you to borrow and use foreign money for a fee to borrow money
  • As a result, you can buy stocks worth more than your own money. You trade “on leverage”. 
  • When trading on leverage, not only your profits but also your losses multiply. Therefore, leverage trading is risky
  • If you close your leverage position by mistake, you may lose a significant amount of money
  • At the same time, with a Margin account you can buy and sell your shares, ETFs and other securities immediately without restrictions and you do not wait 3 days for confirmation of the transaction as with the Cash account
  • With a margin account, you have an IB sub-account for each currency in which you buy assets. It’s up to you what course and when you change the money. The minimum conversion fee is € 2 + a very small spread. Pay attention to the situation when you have € 2,000 in your account, you buy shares for $ 2,000, so you have a debt in your USD account of € -2,000. Then you get a fee for borrowed money (Margin) in USD. You need to settle your accounts yourself.
  • Margin account has a minimum deposit of 2000 USD / 2000 EUR
  • We recommend the Margin account especially to traders and traders with experience

TIP: Later you can switch from a Cash account to a Margin account
(Especially if you already learn to work with the IB platform and you will not be in danger of using leverage out of ignorance)

Special IB – Stock Yield Enhancement Program

If you have an IB account worth at least $ 50,000, you can join the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. Thanks to this program, external third-party companies can borrow “your shares and ETFs” for short-term trading. With this program, you cannot lose your actions and “lose them”. On the contrary, by borrowing them, you can get extra value.

When using this program, it can sometimes happen that your shares are borrowed during the dividend payment and you receive Dividend in Lieu money instead of the official dividend. With this dividend, you will receive your dividend paid not from the company whose shares you own, but from a third party. Therefore, this dividend is subject to a different type of taxation. 

According to IB, they always try to eliminate the fact that their clients receive Dividend in Lieu (PIL dividend).

From our point of view, it pays to participate in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. If your IB account is less than $ 50,000, this program is automatically turned off. You can change your participation in this program in the IB account settings

Learn more about the Stock Yield Enhancement Program


More information about Dividend in Lieu


Interactive Brokers branch selection

Interactive Brokers owns branches in several countries. In Europe, we meet the branches of IBUK (UK), IBLU (Luxembourg), IBIR (Ireland) and IBCE (Hungary). The main reason why IB has up to 4 different branches in Europe is EU regulations. Each EU country has slightly different legislation. Some EU countries resemble tax havens (eg Ireland, Cyprus or Hungary).

By 2020, most IB clients were under IBUK, as the UK was still a member of the European Union and Interactive Brokers could use an international broker’s passport to open accounts with any European Union citizen with a UK branch. On January 1, 2021, Brexit occurred and the toughest Brexit concerned financial companies. That is why Interactive Brokers has created new IBCE and IBIR branches. From our point of view, the reason why there are already three IB branches in the EU

  • IB Luxemburg in Luxembourg was a financial center in the past, but today it is losing the benefits of the tax haven and financial companies are moving to other countries
  • The creation of IBIR (Ireland) was, in my view, the most logical step for IB, as Ireland is considered a tax haven, many financial companies, many ETFs (including most iShares funds) and the largest technology companies are based in Ireland.
  • IB also created a branch of IBCE (Hungary) due to the fact that Hungary is considered a tax haven, Interactive Brokers has significantly increased the number of clients in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in countries outside the EU. Therefore, they decided to create up to two new IB branches in the EU

Usually the client does not have the opportunity to choose under which branch he will be registered. He gets either the opportunity to be under IBIR or IBCE. According to its broker’s branch, it is covered by the Interactive Brokers bankruptcy guarantee (this section is described above in the Broker Security section).

Specialty IB – APIs and links for automated trading

If you are going to trade stocks using automation and trading robots, you will probably use the IB platform. They offer suitable APIs and data sources needed for robo trading.


IBKR PRO is a standard Interactive Brokers account for US residents, Europeans, or other investors. From 6/2021 on IBKR PRO you do not pay Activity Fee.

IBKR Lite is a free account for clients from the US and India, as a direct competitor of broker Robinhood. With IBKR Lite you can trade stocks and ETFs free of charge (Commison-free), without the minimum required deposit and without an Activity Fee. However, Europeans cannot open this account. It is even no longer important to open it, as the main advantage of IBKR Lite is lost – the non-payment of the Activity Fee and the IBKR Pro fees for buying shares are very low.

Interactive Brokers specialty – suitable for corporate investment

If you want to invest corporate money, for example from the environment of sro or as, when using trading on your own account, Interactive Brokers will be your first choice.

Investing on the stock exchange through a legal entity is completely different from investing through a natural person. For a legal entity, you cannot use the time test, on the other hand, you can use various tax-accounting optimizations. For example, one is to use equity investments as a tax expense.

Investing trough LTD or other private company type is mainly about paperwork, accounting, tax consulting and tax optimization.

Therefore, if you want to invest corporate money, our VIP services for entrepreneurs can be very interesting. We can bring you investment-tax-accounting advice on how to value your corporate money much better, obtain much more advantageous special types of corporate loans or obtain other benefits for entrepreneurs. It’s like having an accounting, tax and investment adviser in one person. Savings can be in the thousands of EUR.

Contact us via the Blue Numbers form

Open an IB account if I am a beginner and want to start investing with a small amount of money? 

Choosing a broker and his fees are only half the investment. The other half is training, your experience and understanding of how the market behaves. Therefore, if you are a complete beginner and you just want to try investing, you may also be interested in having an account with a broker XTB due to training in Slovak / Czech, or Etoro due to the fact that you can also buy fractional shares for several tens of Euros. If you want to evaluate an amount less than 500 Euros, I recommend not just looking at your profit. If you earn even 10% per year, with an account value of 500 Euros it will be a profit of only 50 Euros. More important are your experience, patience, adherence to your strategy and managing panic in the event of market downturns. 

There’s nothing stopping you if you have multiple accounts with different brokers for training and experience.

Our estimate is that Interactive Brokers will have the majority of funds and other broker accounts will only be “auxiliary”

In this section you will find practical tips on how to set up an Interactive Brokers account. You can use the Interactive Brokers referral bonus when setting up an IB account.

  • It is an account registration on the recommendation of another client to Interactive Brokers
  • The new client gets
    • A new client will receive a bonus of up to 1% of the value of deposits up to $ 1,000 (ie you will receive the maximum bonus on a deposit of $ 100,000 for the first year)
    • The client can get this Bonus only once and only for one of his accounts
    • The new client will continue to have the same fees as without using the Referral Bonus. This referral bonus is simply a Bonus without disadvantages
    • This bonus is paid out in the form of Interactive Brokers (IBKR) shares
    • Attention: To get this bonus you need to use a really valid IB referral link. One referrer can recommend a maximum of 15 people per year, so if you use an old link somewhere on the web, you will not be credited with the bonus (described below).
  • The recommender will get a new client
    • He will receive a first $ 100 bonus if the new client pays a total of $ 330 in fees. The referral will receive another $ 100 if the new client pays an additional $ 330 in fees
    • Thus, the bonus is a maximum of $ 200 paid out with fees of $ 660
    • In practice, this means that this referral bonus will only come to you when you no longer need it, ie in 1 to 6 years.
  • Referral alerts
    • The recommender can only recommend 15 accounts per year and 30 accounts for the entire duration of his IB account. Therefore, if you use the old IB referral lines on the website, you do not have to get this $ 1,000 bonus in IBKR shares .
    • Be careful, you can’t quickly find out how many people have already used your referral link and how many people can still get a bonus from your link.
    • (The reason for restricting referral links for only 15 people is EU regulations)
  • BlueNumbers tips for referral link
    • Ask around IB acquaintances if they can send you a link. Make sure they recommend less than 15 people.
    • If you do not have any acquaintances in IB, you can use the link below. More than 15 people have already registered through this link, so the chance of getting a bonus is 50:50
    • You can also request a valid link at this post in the Facebook group BlueNumbers
    • DO NOT look for IB referral links on websites and forums. More than 15 people have certainly registered through them. Therefore, the chances of getting a bonus are similar to using the IB link in the paragraph above. However, you will save time when searching for other IB lines
    • We at BlueNumbers have no bonus on your registration via the link above, because more than 15 people have already been recommended via this link
    • If you want to deposit up to 5000 in the first year, your maximum bonus can be up to € 50, so these bonus lines are of no practical importance to you. If you deposit tens of thousands of Euros, this bonus is already interesting

Opportunity to try the Interactive Brokers Demo Account

With this Demo account, you can see how well you know Interactive Brokers, as well as find out fees when buying different stocks from different countries. I recommend creating a Demo account via the link

What to look out for when registering an IB account

We recommend when registering

  • Create an Individual account
  • Choose a Cash account (For most clients, a Cash account is more suitable than a Margin account)
  • After registration, change Tiered fees (Instead of Fixed fees)
  • Join the Stock Yield Enhancement program

You will need to enter when registering an account

  • Your name, surname and address without diacritics (If you enter an accent there, it will throw you an error and will not let you continue with the registration)
  • TAX ID is for Slovaks their birth number without a slash
  • The Bonite form must be completed in order to pass. In that case, the minimum asset value must be more than 20,000 Euros)
  • In your experience, it allows you to trade various tools. Therefore, you need to specify that you have experience in trading stocks and funds. If you want to buy bonds, you will need to enter your experience with bonds in a similar way

We recommend that you take a look at the pictorial instructions for registering an Interactive Brokers account

  • Interactive Brokers – Detailed instructions for registering an account (LINK)

This guide can help you make money in IB

  • Interactive Brokers instructions on how to deposit and withdraw money (LINK)

First steps after logging in to your Interactive Brokers account

You have created an IB account and approved it for you. After logging in, you will see the main screen of your Interactive Brokers account.

You will often need to open the IB menu. His icon is on the left.

After expanding the menu, you will see quite a lot of options, views and settings. No need to be scared, you will get used to them quickly. You will not use much of this menu for a very long time.

How to Buy First Stocks and ETFs at Interactive Brokers

How to understand and enter a purchase order in IB

If you want to buy the first shares and ETFs, look through the ticker or ISIN code for your security. If you find it, you can look at the charts and see if you see the right action

When you select a specific stock, click on Buy / Sell and the shopping menu on the right will open.

In this menu you will find

  • Name of the security (In our case it is an Apple stock)
  • Current unit price
  • Possibility to choose whether to buy the share (Buy Order) or sell (Sell Order). If you haven’t bought the stock yet, you have nothing to sell and the Sell Order will be fueled.
  • You choose the amount of stock you want to buy.
Determining the Order Type

Interactive Brokers is a platform for professional traders. Therefore, it also allows conditional orders, ie buy a share if the condition is met and, for example, the price will be a maximum of xy Eur.

At the same time, it is necessary to realize that the shares of companies are moving, ie rising or falling. Therefore, some traders want to buy the stock at a lower than standard price (buy at a discount). And that’s exactly what the different types of commands are below

Order Type
  • Limit
    • With this order, you specify the maximum (limit) price at which you are willing to buy the share. If the share price is above the limit price, it will not buy you shares, but will wait until a possible price drop
    • If your limit price is too low, the stock may not drop that low and therefore you will never buy your stock
    • This Limit Order is also a guarantee that the share price will not fly too high at the time of purchase. It is the price of small and volatile stocks that can fly enormously, so this order is often better than the market
    • We usually recommend this command
  • MidPrice
    • It is a special command and a special feature of the Interactive Brokers platform. It allows you to buy stocks cheaper and wait for the right moment. IB MidPrice is an enhancement to the LIMIT command,
    • At the same time, Interactive Brokers can buy these shares through its internal market (off-exchange), so you may have a slightly lower transaction fee
    • Interactive Brokers determines what a good purchase price is and when to buy a stock
    • We usually recommend this command
  • Market
    • With this order, you will buy your shares immediately, at the current price. You do not have the option to set a maximum or minimum price
  • Stop
    • It is the first of the conditional statements.
    • You specify the conditions that must be met in the market to activate and fulfill the order.
    • The two basic types of Stop orders are Sell Stop and Sell Buy
      • Sell ​​Stop is selling a stock if its price drops to save you money. Sell ​​Stop is an alternative to Stop-Loss in Forex.
      • Buy Stop is the sale of a stock if you go to “Sell”, so you bet on the stock drop. It is again an alternative to Stop-Loss in Forex
    • Most people do not use this command
  • Stop Limit
    • Another of the conditional orders, such as a combination of Limit (Buy maximum for) and Stop (Sell if price drops to)
    • Most people do not use this command
  • Market on Close
    • Follow the order during the last 15 minutes of the trading day on the stock exchange and buy at any price
    • Most people do not use this command
  • Limit on Close
    • Fulfill the order during the last 15 minutes of the trading day, if the share price is below the Limit Price
    • Most people do not use this command

Interactive Brokers also allows other types of conditional orders for traders. If you are an ordinary person who wants to buy and hold stocks for a long time, we recommend the MidPrice, Limit and Market orders.

What does Time-In-Force mean?
  • Time in Force determines how long your order will be valid and will wait for the “appropriate constellation of stars”
  • Command types
    • Day means that your order will either be filled in for the current day or will expire at the end of the current day (disappear)
    • At The Opening means shopping at the beginning of the trading day
    • Good Til Cancel means leave the order there until it is fulfilled. It is used, for example, together with Limit orders, ie wait with the purchase until the price falls below the limit price xy, for example.
  • For most ordinary people who shop long term, we recommend Good Til Cancel
  • Traders often use other types of orders
What does Outside RTH mean?
  • Most trades on the stock exchange take place during the normal opening hours of the stock exchange (European usually from 9:00 to 17:30 our time, American from 15:30 to 22:00 our time)
  • Smaller trades are also outside these times. Because there are fewer traders on the exchange outside of opening hours, larger players can more easily manipulate the stock price. Therefore, stocks can shoot and fall outside of opening hours, causing losses to Stop-Loss traders.
  • Stock exchanges are closed over the weekend and then the price action may rise or fall. Therefore, if you want to shop over the weekend, be sure to click Outside RTH
  • If you trade as an ordinary person and have a Limit order, you will usually check that you want to trade outside the RTH (Outside RTH), because the price of your stock can jump significantly lower outside the opening hours and so you will buy cheaper.
  • If you want to shop for a long time, often buying outside RTH is not important for you and you don’t care if you buy a stock 1% less or more. .
Profit Taker and Stop Loss
  • Profit Taker is more often called Take Profit, ie the sale of shares as soon as their price reaches xy
  • Stop Loss is the sale of shares as soon as their price drops below xy
Order Entry and Preview Function
  • The preview function at the bottom of the menu allows you to see at what price you could buy the event and how much you will pay on the fees. Therefore, we always recommend that you preview before purchasing
  • Transmit Order means to enter and confirm a full order, ie buy according to our rules specified above

Currency change in Interactive Brokers

Look in the menu section Transfer & Pay and in it Tranfer Funds .

Then select the Convert Currency section and select the type and amount of currency you want to convert.

If you change a new currency for the first time, you will immediately have a sub-account with the new currency, for which you can buy new shares. Currency changes at Interactive Brokers are advantageous, so you often have no reason to deal with currency changes externally outside of IB.

When changing currency, always click the Preview button to see your fees you will pay for the conversion.

Below you will find a short guide to changing the currency in 4 screenshots. 

Change fees from Fixed to Tiered

If you accidentally clicked on Fixed fees when registering, you may be surprised at how expensive Interactive Brokers is. Therefore, I recommend changing the fees from Fixed to Tiered according to the instructions below.

In the menu you will find the Account Settings section

You will find the IBKR Pricing Plan in the settings

You change the fee type from Fixed to Tiered

How to activate the purchase of fractional shares

You can also buy fractional shares in Interactive Brokers. This is especially interesting when buying more expensive companies such as Amazon or Tesla.

You can only activate the purchase of fractional US shares

You need to buy European stocks and ETFs in whole units

You need to activate fraction trading.

Activation instructions:

What to do if you can’t trade stocks, bonds, options, ETFs

You can only trade instruments in IB if you comply with EU regulations and write that you have enough experience to trade them. Therefore, find the Account Settings section again as in the chapter above. This time you will scroll down and find the Trading Experience & Permissions section .

Fill in your experience with the tools you want to trade. If you complete your experience and meet the minimum requirements to trade these instruments, these instruments will be unlocked and you will be able to trade them.

Opening a sub-account to an existing account in Interactive Brokers

You can also open other sub-accounts for the IB account. You can use subaccounts, for example, when you need to create separate accounts for your family members or children. Again, you are the primary administrator of these accounts, and this account is yours for tax purposes.


  1. Log in to IB under your account
  2. Find the character’s icon (at the very top of the corner) and click on manage account
  3. On the manage account tab, find the Configuration section (left column)
  4. In the Configuration section, click Open Aditional Account
  5. Then choose to create a New brokerage account and then an Individual Account
  6. You are filling out a similar application as when you first registered your Interactive Brokers account. However, this application is significantly shorter because a lot of data will be copied from your first IB account
  7. After approval, you will be able to switch between your IB accounts

Step 2:

Steps 3 and 4:

Export transactions from IB for tax returns

You will definitely need a listing of transactions and portfolios in Interactive Brokers, for example in situations

  • Portfolio performance comparison
  • Separating your portfolio from others
  • For the purposes of preparing a tax return

BREXIT and reports from Interactive Brokers

If you also had IB before Brexit (ie in 2020), and subsequently agreed to migrate to the new country, you will have a new account number in Interactive Brokers. Therefore, for the purposes of the statement of transactions for the last year, you also need to look at the history of your original account.

A typical mistake people make is to look at the history of their migrated account and see nothing there. They don’t know they need to switch to their old IB / Lynx account.

Login to IB via multiple devices

Most people will have Interactive Brokers as an application on their mobile. You will probably trade mainly through a computer’s web browser (You can see better charts). You can view your account on multiple devices at once . At the same time the right to trade is only one of your machine. Therefore, if you want to trade, choose the device through which you want to trade.

At the same time, if you need, you can set up even more users for one account in IB, while each user has a different login data and password.

How to get answers to your special questions

You may have come across questions that you can’t answer yet when reading the article or later.

You can find the answers in the articles:

  • You can check out the articles on BlueNumbers where you can find the answer to your questions. For example, only the Stock and ETF series already has 5 parts. It is available here:
    • BlueNumbers Stock and ETF series
  • If you are considering other brokers, you can look at a large comparison of brokers
    • Part 3. – How to choose an ETF broker – a great comparison of brokers
  • Ask your questions in our Facebook group
    • – investment forum on Facebook
  • BlueNumbers free bonus:
    • List of interesting ETFs for XTB, Interactive Brokers and Lynx

You can also write your questions as a comment below this article

If you have a question and want to contact us directly, write to us.

You can get answers and support from paid consultations, such as:

  • Familiarize you with the accounts of individual brokers and show their platforms
  • Advise if you are considering the right funds
  • You can get feedback on other investment solutions (Including stocks, funds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, or Forex trading)
  • Get support on tax issues, accounting, or tax return preparation
  • Get support when investing corporate money
  • Get support if you want to learn to trade stocks, commodities, FOREX.

BlueNumbers bonuses when setting up an Interactive Brokers account

  • If you decide to register with Interactive Brokers through our referral, you can receive a referral bonus , in the form of bonus promotions amounting to approximately 1% of your total deposits in the first year.
  • In practice, this means that with a total annual deposit of $ 100,000 (or its Euro equivalent), you will receive an additional $ 1,000 in Interactive Brokers shares. In the case of smaller deposits, your bonus will be relatively smaller.
  • The maximum bonus for a new client that you can get in a referral is $ 1,000 in Interactive Brokers shares
  • At the same time, you will have the same fees at Interactive Brokers regardless of whether you use the referral bonus or not.
  • The bonus for the referrer (the current IB client who provides the link) is significantly smaller. Bonus is max. $ 200, with the new IB account requiring the new client to pay up to $ 660 in fees. Therefore, the IB referral bonus is slow and can take 1 to 6 years to come. In short, you will only receive the IB referral bonus when you no longer need it.
  • Warning! The recommender can only recommend 15 new clients per year (and 30 clients for the entire duration of his IB account).

Referral alerts

  • The recommender can only recommend 15 accounts per year and 30 accounts for the entire duration of his IB account. Therefore, if you use the old IB referral lines on the website, you do not have to get this $ 1,000 bonus in IBKR shares .
  • Be careful, you can’t quickly find out how many people have already used your referral link and how many people can still get a bonus from your link.
  • (The reason for restricting referral links for only 15 people is EU regulations)

BlueNumbers tips for referral links

  • Ask around IB acquaintances if they can send you a link. Make sure they recommend less than 15 people.
  • If you do not have any acquaintances in IB, you can use the link below. More than 15 people have already registered through this link, so the chance of getting a bonus is 50:50
  • You can also request a valid link at this post in the Facebook group BlueNumbers
  • DO NOT look for IB referral links on websites and forums. More than 15 people have certainly registered through them. Therefore, the chances of getting a bonus are similar to using the IB link in the paragraph above. However, you will save time when searching for other IB lines
  • We at BlueNumbers have no bonus on your registration via the link above, because more than 15 people have already been recommended via this link
  • If you want to deposit up to 5000 in the first year, your maximum bonus can be up to € 50, so these bonus lines are of no practical importance to you. If you deposit tens of thousands of Euros, this bonus is already interesting

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